Hickory Nut Gap, Autumn of 2012
Hickory Nut Gap, Autumn of 2012

Integrity: The quality or state of being complete or undivided

Keeping my integrity in every situation and interaction is always on my mind and has always been a part of my life.  This became very apparent when, first, I got a job and again when I had children.

How to maintain your true self when others are seemingly against you.  Is it something you think about often?

It can seem like a struggle but I have finally gotten to the point after some recent events that I have figured out what works for me.  Note that there was MUCH trial and error along the way.

I have been given a beautiful life filled with the most beautiful love, most beautiful children and most beautiful experiences.  Beauty is an obvious part of my experience.  Every day I choose beauty.  Sometimes, people don’t choose beauty for themselves.  And that is okay.

Sometimes, people may try to take your beauty away.  And that is okay.

Sometimes, people may try to throw dirt on your beauty.  And that is okay.  Dirt is actually quite beautiful too.  And necessary for growth.

I know that as parents, humans and spirits we will have a billion different “right” ways to do things.  I have chosen a path of my own which, honestly, changes every day based on my experiences.

In recent events, my integrity was challenged.  Unfortunately, by people close to me.  Initially, I was very angry.   I would spend hours every day thinking over the actions and words that were thrown at me over and over.  It did not feel “good” inside but I could not stop.  There is nothing more… difficult… than when someone challenges your choices as parents.

Energy is funny like that.  It’s like a funnel.  The downward spiral is SO simple to ride.  It grabs you and it travels so fast.  Going up when the spiral is spinning down can seem impossible.  It is just so so so much easier to sit at the bottom when that’s where the flow is taking you.


Where on the Emotional Guidance Scale do you sit?  I choose Joy.  I choose Knowledge.  I choose Empowerment and Freedom.  Love.  Appreciation.

So maybe you want to feel those things but aren’t quite there?  You don’t have to be.  Just change the directions you are going and soon it will be clear.  Every inch you move the more momentum you will gain.

I LOVE the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  Abraham has been my soul food for so long now.  In the teachings of Abraham Hicks there is a great visual that is used over and over.  I’d like to share it with everyone who happens to read this blog because I am constantly accessing what is happening in my “now” and deciding if I am going upstream or downstream.  It absolutely takes practice and everyday I have struggles with “going with the flow” but once I do… I feel tremendous relief.

It is with the combination of the Emotional Guidance Scale and Abraham Hicks river metaphor that I live my life.

This quote from HigherExistence.com explains the river perfectly:

“A major metaphor that Abraham uses is a fast flowing river that represents the flow of the universe or source. We are all floating on this stream, but the majority of people are fighting against the current. They do not like what is occurring in their lives so they swim upstream instead of simply floating down it. Most of humanity is obsessed with getting upstream. The problem with going against the current is that you will be tired out and beaten up by the fast flowing water. Not going with the flow is at the heart of every negative emotion you feel. When one stops fighting the current and lets the force turn them around and push them downstream, they will feel relief.

Anytime you speak of what you do not want, what hurts you, what you are unhappy with, you are attempting to go upstream. You are stifling your ability to simply float down river towards the manifestation of your desires. In the same way that focusing on what you want brings it to you, focusing on what you do not want also brings undesired things to you. The Law of Attraction works in both direction very well. We have been trained all of our lives to acknowledge what is wrong which is why it is so difficult to let go and float down stream.

Additionally the law of attraction brings us thoughts that are similar to the thoughts that we are putting out into the universe. When you complain about something have you not noticed that even more negative, complaining thoughts come soon after? The same applies when you focus on the positive: more realizations of the good in your life come to you.

A great bit of knowledge that you can take this from metaphor is that it does not matter where you are in the river. You have no reason to wish you were further up or downstream because you are constantly flowing towards your desires (unless you are fighting against the current). Therefore discontent should not be in your emotional vocabulary. Discontent is another form of trying to swim upstream. Trust in the flow and do not concern yourself with your position within the river.”

It is easy for me to “hold myself” to my highest true self, my integrity, when I don’t fight against what others are trying to force up on me.  It is in that space that I find my strength.  When I let go of the negative feelings, emotions, anger it becomes easy.  Sometimes I grab the oar and start paddling so fast up stream I begin panting.  I get tired, overwhelmed, sad.  All I ever had to do was throw that oar over the side, turn around and let the river take me to where I am meant to go.

I don’t pay mind to what the “negative” is trying to do to me.  I simply do not let it exist in my life and keep thinking of the beauty that surrounds me.

Eventually people will have 2 choices.

1) they can step into your beauty and join you

2) they will stay mid-stream, paddling, panting and going nowhere

Either way, I’m just floating down this river, thinking good thoughts that serve me and my family.

As for me and my house, we will serve honesty, happiness, love and good thoughts.

If you’d like more information on Abraham’s stream metaphor, please please please check out this video!!!