Coffee. Come on water.  Fill up faster.

*You love me but you don’t, you love me but you don’t* Jesus Christ, 3 doors down.  Really? Stop.


Mannnnn… These wrinkles are soooo deep! Frankincense. Where, oh! There you are.  Thank you, Universe for giving me this glorious life.  I’m grateful for these wrinkles because I’m still alive. I’m alive. That’s so weird. Aliiiiiive.

*you love me but you don’t know who i am… So… Blah blah in…*

Ew, I wonder what the traffic is going to be like. It’s 6:37… Leave at 6:50… Get to work aaaaat… Hold on, 50 plus 10 is 7 am 35 more 7:35 if NO traffic.  Yea right.  dear, that means I get off at 5:35 at the earliest And traffic will be so bad.  I might as well just work til 6 and miss the traffic entirely. I dunno.

Okay brain- redo.  The ride to work this morning will be traffic-free and quick. My day is going to pass easily and effortlessly and my ride home will be simple and stress-free.

Traffic- NO! Stop brain.

I need to feed Izzy. Josh just got her to sleep though. I’ll just bring my pump.

*you love me but you don’t, you love me but you don’t* I need to sing a different song. When’s the last time I ever even heard that song? Skate-a-round.

Traffic is gonna be…

There will be no traffic even if it’s Monday.  Mondays are fine.

When is Aiden’s next appointment?

… Friday.  I wonder what we will talk about.  Dealing with behaviors or something I think.  Gosh, that one lady said her 14 year old still punches himself.  What if Aiden is like that too?

Will Aiden have kids?  He keeps saying “Mama, I want a little boy.  Who’s dad will I be?”

Surely people with Asperger’s get married? Oh! I need to google that.  Well, not that but something like that.

*you love me*  stoppppppp okay.  I’m not gonna sing that song.

6:46. 4 more minutes.

Will Izzy have Autism? She’s so different already than Aiden was.  Yea, he never waved bye-bye.  What if she learns some of his behaviors though?  I’m sure Olsen Huff can help us with that.  But, God, I can’t do 2 children with Autism.  I’m hardly…

Redo- I love my children and it is what it is.  They are wonderful.

Toothpaste… *you love me but you don’t you love*. Jesus christ.

I wonder what’s clogging this sink.  Hair. Probably hair.  Man my hair is so nice today.  6:52. Crap. Ok.. Got to get dressed, make my coffee, oils! I need oils.

White angelica on my crown and third eye…

Remember rugrats? What a weird show. Aiden has been obsessed with that movie on Netflix lately. Why do they never grow older? The whole time they were always the same age. Tommy- Why did he never grow teeth???

Valor II on my feet.  Walk tall.  Bravely. Valor… I wish I still had some of the original blend.  I like this one too though.  It’s blue. Blue. Blue *im blue blah blah dee da ba die*

At least its not 3 doors down.  What a weird song. It reminds me of the county fair.  3 doors down is something they’d play at the county fair.  Oh Autumn!!! I wish Aiden would have fun at the fair.  He tries really hard to be brave.  I wish he wouldn’t lose his composure so easily.

Whatever.  I love him.  It doesn’t even matter.  Let’s get through today.  Monday.  What meetings do I have?

6:57. I still have to get dressed.

Oh man! That coffee smelllls good!

I really dont mind spending ONE dollar more for coffee that’s shade grown and organic.  Really? $1?  I’m grateful I can afford that.  Work. Okay! Gotta move.