Western NC, home
Western NC, home

Hi World!

I’m a twenty-something year old mother of 2 and wife to… well… my one and only.  My children are beautiful and inspire me daily.  My elementary aged son has Aspergers or technically speaking “ASD-Level 1.”  My daughter is still very young but growing and learning every day.

I have a degree in Emergency Medicine, however, I troubleshoot, fix and help build software for an entire hospital system’s pharmacy department.

Motherhood has been so many things to me as you’ll soon read.  It’s been a diving board for the longest research paper I’ve ever written.  The pages are written in chapters per day and the volumes reach to eternity.  It’s been a lightbulb getting brighter with every new study, blog or article I read.  It’s been a highway leading to the freshest and newest friendships but also bringing me back home to where I began.

Motherhood is what I was built for.

In our home we practice:

attachment parenting


extended breastfeeding

deliberate creation


conscious living

cloth diapering

natual remedies and the use of our beloved essential oils

3 bedtime stories every night (not 1, not 2)

and most of all- love (like the real snuggly, warm and fuzzy, eskimo kissing kind of love)

I’m using this as place to “brain dump.”  And you are the lucky reader!!