This will be the first of many weekly check-ins and informational sessions on the bountiful and beautiful wellness support essential oils can bring into your life.


To many- they just smell good.  To science- if you have the most pure,  unadulterated essential oils they actually DO something inside, outside and all around your body.

I began using essential oils about 6 years ago, by chance, when introduced by a family member.  I was skeptical, as I am quickly finding most people are.  I could not comprehend how a tiny bottle of oil could do anything worthwhile in my body.  It just didn’t make sense.  I won’t go into too much detail on this post because… well, I don’t want to spoil what’s to come in the next few weeks.

I use ONLY Young Living essential oils.. Why does it matter what brand you use or where you get your oils from??

Young Living is the only essential oil company that holds the “Seed to Seal” promise.  They have complete quality control and ownership of each step of the growing, distilling and bottling process.

“We believe that you and your family deserve products that are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and of unmatched purity. Seed to Seal® is both a promise to you and a reflection of our sense of global stewardship.”

Through each step of our production process on both our own and partner farms, we use the most exacting standards possible to make our products, your life, and the earth better.

Check out the Seed to Seal website for more detailed information on the complete process by clicking HERE.

The majority of other essential oils on the market are extracted using high heat, high pressure, and chemical solvents.  Even though the final product may still contain the smell, these harsh processing methods destroy the therapeutic qualities of the oils.  Using lesser-quality oils for therapeutic purposes is never recommended and can be extremely toxic.

A bottle can say “100% Natural” and only contain 1 drop of actual essential oil.

Because there are no standards for essential oils, you have no way of knowing the actual quality!  Is it perfume or cosmetic grade?  Food grade?  Therapeutic grade?  An inexpensive essential oil has a higher likelihood of being mass produced, with very little attention to the extraction process.

So what is an essential oil?


Essential oils are the aromatic liquids found within shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, resins, and seeds. Some people like to call essential oils “nature’s living energy” because they contain unique constituents that provide so many benefits.

Most essential oils are extracted from plant sources using steam distillation and are extremely concentrated, making them much more potent than dried plants.


There are 3 main ways to use essential oils:

Aromatically- place 1-3 drops in your hands, rub together and inhale


Topically- This is a great way to support your skin because essential oils are easy to use and provide quick benefits. If you have never used essential oils, one great area of the body to apply them topically is to the feet.  Please don’t put them in your ears and eyes though… no bueno.


Internally- Some people choose to use essential oils internally by adding them to water or liquid, placing them in a capsule. Peppermint is a great example because it can help promote healthy bowel function and support digestion.


I know this is sort of short and sweet but before I start going in depth and sharing all of these amazing oils with you all I really wanted to share some basics and the reasoning behind why I LOVE and use ONLY Young Living Essential oils.

In so many different situations, Young Living essential oils have shown they work with undeniable proof.  This is why I love them from conception, pregnancy, motherhood, childhood and beyond!!!!!

(Here’s my in labor with my second child, lavender in the tub of warm water)